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We all do this: we like, share and comment under all sorts of inspirational quotes turned into catchy jpg images, and some of us even have Pinterest boards dedicated to them!


How cool it is to impress all your piers and friends, hum? And instead of following all sorts of online gurus and lifestyle coaches – you can make all the inspo and cute quotes you want to!


And if you usually re post other people’s great and beautiful or witty and sarcastic stuff – now you can produce your own pics! There is a tool that makes your life as easy as ABC, and it takes between 1 to 5 minutes to make any post more attractive, catchy and cute – this is Canva available in both a free version for people who need to make basic stuff and there is a paid more sophisticated version if you plan to turn your online presence into a space ship!


Good luck and don’t forget tho share the good stuff!


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