Unexpected summer mood

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When outside is cold and grey and rainy and you are all dressed up like you’ll be the lead in a remake of The day after tomorrow movie, and than you happen to be in a Miami/Palm Springs/Pool party ambient – the feeling is both strange and cool.

#HMStudioSS15_Open House (3)

#HMStudioSS15_Open House

#HMStudioSS15_Open House (2)

Here are some pick from the H&M Studio Spring/Summer 2015 open house in Sofia.

#HMStudioSS15_Open House (2)

#HMStudioSS15_Open House (2)

#HMStudioSS15_Open House (2)

всъщност тези панталони ми харесват, трябва да се пробват!

#HMStudioSS15_Open House (2)

аз съм с достатъчно голяма чанта, дали някой ще разбере, ако смотам този панталон набързо в нея? м?

H&M Studio 2015

p.s. all furniture is from  Ikea


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