The “events” season is on and the art of the invitation

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November for me is the start of what I like to call “the event season”- its ‘that time of the year when it’s not so warm outside and we use to prefer cozy places, warm tables, delicious meals and parties. But what we miss very often is the proper way to send invitations, as well as to properly respond to them.

So here are few tips how to be the best host and the politest guest:

Always include RSVP – that sands for Répondez, s’il vous plait meaning Please reply. This way you will know who’s going to make it to your party. When you’re the guest – always respond if you are attending or not.

I would advise to use a really good invitation – even if you’re planning to send it by e-mail or even organize a closed group or event on social media channels – this way your guests will be able to have all the information they need on a pretty display. Use an online service like – it has all the sorts of invitations and you can also modify and personalize them! It’s an awesome online service, plus it’s ecofriendly!

Is the invitation for one person or for a plus one – be more specific when inviting people, especially when thy will be sitting on a table. Respond promptly, when being invited, if you’ll be alone or will bring your partner, a date or anyone else. Also b specific to clarify who you’re bringing.

Bringing gifts – if you decide to bring gifts skip the flower bouquet, because your host will have to interrupt whatever she or he is doing and just go find a vase – or even worst – vases. If you really want to bring flowers – opt for ones in pots. Be very careful if you are bringing food or wine – since your choice might not be suitable for you host’s menu. You can opt for candles, books and other items you know your host likes and would appreciate.

Never forget yours thank you – be sure to thank your hosts before you leave, and then again by phone or note the next day.


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