Testing – creams, BB creams etc.

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These are some of the products I’ve been testing lately:

Ziaja – face creams:



Body scrub:


Body butter:


My kid – Ady B. has been also testing and liking:

All Ziaja products imported in Bulgaria are available here goldenshop.bg

Bio Oil



More about this amazing product here

Vichy – Liftactiv Supreme


I received it for testing, but later gave it to my sister, as the one I got was for combined skin and mine is dry. My sister is happy about it, actually she finished the first jar and bought another one.

Vichy BB Idealia


I bought it but was totally wrong for my skin, so I gave it to a friend.

Garnier BB cream


This is the perfect BB cream for me! 3-rd time in a row I’m buying and using it, no matter what else I try.


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