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At the end of each and every year more and more people start reckoning and measuring the past one: what happened, what didn’t happened what they learned, where they failed…

Like in between feasting and overeating and occasionally getting drunk in the days between Christmas and New year’s eve people achieve a clarity of the mind and start making resolutions and planning and deciding what the next year is to be. Well, I’ve done that too n the past, more than once as I recall.

But this time I’ll be concise – my reckoning for the past year is that I WAS

And my wish for the next 2015 is TO BE.

I wish you a happy partying time and enjoy the saying good buy of the past and saluting the new year and make sure you have a good stock of enzymes for digestion,alkazelzers, painkillers for you future headaches and condoms!

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