New year resolutions

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I had to work during the holidays so I had to spend a lot of time on the PC meaning I had to be online, connected to all sorts of social networks and at the end of the day I saw way too many lists, inspo thoughts etc. of new year resolutions.

If I have to shortlist them these are the most common: a) get in shape b) start an amazing business/career c) be a better person

As the sarcastic bitch that I really am I’m sort of wandering how long will this enthusiasm last – a day or two? a week? a month?

In return I want to say that I make no promises. And have about a 0 intention to change, and apart that I just want to BE more (like present, happy and stuff) and going around bullishting the world and partially myself how fun life is because of wine-testings and stuff and use all resources to fuel in a chaotic way my sarcasm and wired sense of humor (if I ever have one).

And just at the end: why the hell people have to be so complicated and make huge promises (they will tend to never keep) instead of just going after what they really want – like good wine and sex (or a hug or something). Just wandering…


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