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So I just discovered MoYou London – sold online in Bulgaria at  and totally fell in love with it!

MoYou London

By the way – I’m not a huge fan of DIY manicure stuff, since I never have the time – but this thing is fun & easy.

MoYou London


If you happen to have a teen – or as in my case – a tween daughter – this set assures you a half hoуr mother & daughter time and time to bond and talk girlие stuff.

MoYou London

My kid had the nasty habit of biting her nails – so when she first asked for nail decorations – I said no, but than I reconsidered that this might be the trigger to make her stop. So thee we had an ultimatum: she’s to stop biting her nails for 4 days, afterwards she can have few stamps on her nails (no nail polish, I think she’s too young for that) and she has to keep up with the no-bite rule.

So it worked and here is the result:


MoYou London




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