Life as a mix-tape: critical thinking

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There’s a couple of things that don’t give me peace these past few months: the first one is the apparent reluctance of the mass of people to think, and the other is the lack of critical thinking.

And no, sharing pictures and links on social media does not count, and making ridiculously dumb comments – doesn’t count either.

Critical thinking usually starts with exposing your point of view and being able to give adequate arguments, possibly with verified facts, preferably with specific data. It seems that fewer people have the desire and time to do their research. Because today’s “I read it on the internet” is just as good as yesterday’s “I read it in the newspaper” or even better: I saw it on TV – classic!

While writing a text about a certain topic and after checking the 17th source of information on this specific subject, I would like to ask you: when was the last time you did a proper research on a specific topic, read about an issue or a problem or just checked multiple times a specific fact and also what was the last thing you properly researched and gathered as much information as possible about?

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