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In the recent years it takes me a huge effort lay inhuman to minimize things. I part with some things with ease, with others it’s so hard, like it’s heartbreaking. I’m constantly repeating to myself: less objects more free time. Sometimes it works – sometimes is does not. For example, it turns out that I have two drawers with pads and notebooks – new ones and used ones. I usually have 2 notebooks: one for work, with a spiral like notebook for school where I write with a pen and one for my personal errands – the last few years I prefer Moleskine where I write with a pencil.

I keep my old notebooks because of the “important information” in there. I stack on new ones because they will be useful, one day.

Some people keep a journal for their exercise, others join online fitness programs for sharing and tracking their success, and I – I use my blog as a diary blog to try to fight against my own needs of having and owning. As there is the AA, I wonder – is there a support group for people wanting to become minimalists?

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