How not to be too much of a diva when flying a small plane

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A few weeks ago I received an invitation you don’t really say no to – flying with a small airplane around Sofia and seeing the mountain and two nearby dams from the sky.  I might not be the most adventurous person on the face of the Earth, but by accident my partner is an aviation freak and happen to be producing and hosting the only TV show dedicated to the art of the flight – Airshow.

This one here is the only picture I have from the flight, and I might seem a little uncomfortable – that’s because there’s my huge handbag nesting in my feet. For some unknown reason I used long lens of the camera, which made taking pictures utterly difficult.

So when the day came I sort of managed not to get too much into the dive attitude and the jet-set play-pretend and ditched the idea of floating dresses and a hedge sun hat, and instead wore a simple black dress (just under the knee). Unfortunately, this wasn’t the perfect outfit either, so here are my recommendations how not to play too much of a diva when flying on s small plane:

Bags & luggage: unless you’re using a small plane for as a charter and you’re flying – let’s say to the seaside for the weekend, there’s no reason whatsoever for you to bring any luggage in the cockpit. A small bottle of water, sunglasses and eventually a camera is quite enough.

Breathing right: for those of you, who happen to have problems with your years during flight – never forget to bring along nose drops. A properly functioning nose (meaning no mucus, and breathing perfectly) assures no eventual pain your years during take-off/landing. I had zero problems with this flight, mostly because the altitude is way lower than the one during a passenger flight.

Hair put together – unless you want to be fighting with strands of hair going places during the flight, including your eyes and mouth (there is a pretty good ventilation from the pilot’s window and the air vents), just tie your hair in pony tail or in an up-do – whatever works better for you.

Shoes – ditch the idea of high heels! I was wearing loafers and that was about the only good outfit choice I made that day! Wear flat, comfortable shoes. Sandals and flip-flops are not recommended when flying on any sort of plane, because in an unlikely technical difficulty or any other sort of unplanned event you don’t want to have your feet hurt and you need to be fast.

Clothing – opt for pants! I was wearing a comfortable and pretty loose dress just below the knee, but that didn’t save me from the uncomfortable feeling that half the airport saw my lingerie. There is a little step on the wing of the aircraft that you have to step on and afterwards you have to make another larger step so you can actually enter the plane. As far as I know – pants are the best for taking big steps and having to bent etc. Excessively large pants and floating garments are better left for other occasions – not while flying with a small plane.

Accessories – large and chunky necklaces, clinging earrings, big bangles are just as uncomfortable as dresses and high heels. Remember – you’re not on a runway, you’re flying – so the less clutter, the better – this way you can really enjoy the view and soak up the sun and feel free like a bird!

Las but not least: always listen to the instructions given by the pilots or the ground personnel and get informed and prepared for what is coming next and how the flight feels like. For instance – I was slightly surprised by the (actually pretty obvious) fact that being the Cessna 208 a really small plane – she takes the air and the wind as a bird and is a bit shakier than a jet plane. Once I got comfortable with the feeling in the air – I was having the time of my life!

Currently Jet Ops are making tourist and charter flights around the country – and you can check the possibilities on their web page or on Facebook. If you are visiting Sofia or just want to make a surprise/present to someone who loves the air – a short flight is the best thing ever.

I’m now waiting for Alex to be ready with his Airshow show dedicated to the flight and Jet Ops – he had some interviews and pretty good video footage from the sky and will definitely link.

By the end of the week I’ll also post some of the pics I took – it will take a while to select, as I was shooting like my life dependent on that J


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