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I was challenged to share what I do/believe/thing and some routines that keep me healthy, so here they are:

It’s all in your head – you have to start thinking to your health as one of your most important assets – keep it, safeguard it and cherish it every single day!

Prophylactic is better than curing – prevention is key, regular check ups are a must. And it is way cheaper to prevent than to cure an actual disease.

Food – I eat everything, but tend to prepare food daily and skip junk, preservatives and colorants in cheap packed food. For me food is so much more than just fuel for my body – it is a culinary journey around the world, way to make new discoveries and also a catalyst for social interaction.

Movement – I walk and try do workout or do some physical exercises at least 3 times per week, bu I know I can do more! My life become way better since I stopped thinking abut movement as a way to stay slim, but started to consider it something essential to say in good shape, fit and strong and healthy!

And finally – as an old doctor used to say to my granddad – and kid, screw everything! Meaning worry less and enjoy life more!

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