Galaxy S8 – testing

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I was given the new Samsung Galaxy S8 for testing and reviewing and basically the result is that with my kid we went full scale crazy with selfies and filters and videos – which I’m totally not posting.

If you need a decent review – please google some tech sites and blogs, this is just a quick fun one.

If you’re used to work with Android, operating the Galaxy S8 is going to be super easy for you.

Galaxy S8 features I loved:

Bixby – basically your mobile secretary.

my cat Athena

The Screen – the 5,8 inches is super useful for people who start the day with readings, like myself.

The cameras – both cameras are great. As you can see below I’m not the best selfie maker, but still the quality of the pic is good.

Athena counting stars (by day)

Features I didn’t test, but think I’d love:

Samsung Connect – the option of controlling my appliances sounds awesome. Plus I’d be able to make a disco party by changing the light in the living-room or freaking the shit out of people who come to visit.

photo-shoot for  webcafe

the colors are so vivid my eye hurt 

another pointless close up 

When asked what did she liked about the Samsung Galaxy S8 my daughter said: „I like the model, the design of the phone, the camera – makes great pics, and there’s a lot of storage for apps and games and of”course the screen.

Me trying to make a selfie and failing ridiculously:


Note: the phone was given to me for testing for a week-long period by a PR company.



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