New York

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I have this thing when I travel - I make tons of pictures. Like hundreds, sometime even thousands. And most of these pictures mean something only to me - they remind my of how I felt the moment I made them. Like this one - made in a cold November day in New York, 2013.

The best wish ever

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At the end of the year everyone is making wishes. The best wish so far I received yesterday from my sister, at her birthday party: to find something valuable for me, but at the same time impossible to be stolen or lost. I think I have found exactly that: on the windy Atlantic ocean coast in ...

London – swiftly

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6 days in London are nothing for a city this big. You know you are there when you see men wearing shoes brighter than the women's, when you see the Tube signs, when the pubs have their own brewery, when there is a carnival by the Themes, when you spend a day in a single ...