Your personal inspirational quotes

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We all do this: we like, share and comment under all sorts of inspirational quotes turned into catchy jpg images, and some of us even have Pinterest boards dedicated to them! How cool it is to impress all your piers and friends, hum? And instead of following all sorts of online gurus and lifestyle coaches - ...

Theory of beauty

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Beauty, aging, how standards in terms of what is attractive change in time is something I have ever been interested I've written several times on these and related topics. This time with the kind support of  H&S I'm presenting to you Vivian Diller, Ph.D. Vivian Diller, Ph.D., is a psychologist in private practice in N.Y.C. Prior to ...

Marks & Spenser spring 2015

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The spring 2015 trends by  Marks and Spencer as follows: pale pings, delicate beige and a massive 80's revival - minus the puff sleeves and the ridiculous shoulder pads.   Clinched swirl midi skirts, neutral shoes and handbags, knits and vests, simple shapes - so familiar, yet somehow new. My favorite outfit is this one:  

New year resolutions

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I had to work during the holidays so I had to spend a lot of time on the PC meaning I had to be online, connected to all sorts of social networks and at the end of the day I saw way too many lists, inspo thoughts etc. of new year resolutions. If I have to ...


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At the end of each and every year more and more people start reckoning and measuring the past one: what happened, what didn't happened what they learned, where they failed... Like in between feasting and overeating and occasionally getting drunk in the days between Christmas and New year's eve people achieve a clarity of the mind ...