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How can you write an exciting text about... a hairdryer? Well - each and every time I receive something to review for the blog I have these mixed feelings: joy and fear. Joy because I like to test new stuff (and I love presents!) and fear because obviously - how the hell do you describe ...


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Do you have that kind of affection for one particular music album? I do it's Joni Mitchell's Blue That's the album I can take on a desert island and be completely happy with it! pic: photomusik.tumblr.com

Summer legs in 3 steps

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As usual: here are some totally unprofessional and extremely personal answers to your questions regarding the products I use: Do you exfoliate before or after shaving - I do before, as it's more OK for me and have no idea if the exfoliation is better done before of after the shaving. For shaving - I use ...