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Do you have that kind of affection for one particular music album? I do it's Joni Mitchell's Blue That's the album I can take on a desert island and be completely happy with it! pic:

Summer legs in 3 steps

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As usual: here are some totally unprofessional and extremely personal answers to your questions regarding the products I use: Do you exfoliate before or after shaving - I do before, as it's more OK for me and have no idea if the exfoliation is better done before of after the shaving. For shaving - I use ...

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The best side of going to various events is that (apart from meeting great new people and good old friends!) I get professional photos for the blog!!! Thank you Lidl Bulgaria and Cien Sun for the amazing and unforgettable afternoon! I'm definitely doing it all over again (especially if there will be more cocktails!) so have ...