Before the holidays

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I'm done with the shopping for the holidays - actually I'm done with the presents since September. So right now I'm free to enjoy myself and spending time with the people I love. Time, emotions and shared moments - aren't these things the most valuable and precious gifts we can offer to each other? pic - Merry+Bright/Pinterest 


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I was challenged to share what I do/believe/thing and some routines that keep me healthy, so here they are: It's all in your head - you have to start thinking to your health as one of your most important assets - keep it, safeguard it and cherish it every single day! Prophylactic is better than curing – prevention ...

Few things to think about

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I have this thing with thinking - I tend to overthink - and here are few things:  After so many months of protesting we have another shitty government - so what the fuck has changed? And I sort of wander - will anything ever change and shall I ever want to go protesting again... Lately I tend to ...


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There are times when you think you have seen everything in terms of dumb headlines and articles in fashion and lifestyle magazines, but than you see this: Can you be a feminist and still take your husband's name? What the fuck has feminism to do with getting married and take your husband's name? And since I'm pretty ...