DiVino.Taste 2014

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Only 10 days keep me away from this years's edition of DiVino.Taste – if you don't know what this is - that means you know nothing about wine in general, so be quick to learn the basics here. I'm totally not going to tell you which are the master classes I'm planning to visit, as I plan ...

Culinary dilemmas

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I have this dilemma: if you can cook well (or decently) but you cannot present well enough you dishes: does your culinary skills still count?   On the pics: the before and after the cooking of an onion soup with Emmental cheese baked bread

Tea ceremony

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I was kindly invited by Lidl to a tea ceremony to celebrate the culture of the East in unison of the Asia week and the Asian food that is filling their shops with an amazing smell of spices. It was one of the most elegant event I have attended and somehow I now regret that I wore ...


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I've been invited to test the Multicooker from Philips and so far the experience has been great, despite the horrible quality of the pictures of the food I've prepared: I'll do my best to make better photos and than I'll post recipes, but for now I can tell you my impressions from the Multicooker: it is really a ...


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Have you ever won something? Me - never! I have given prizes and giveaways through this blog - but personally, have never won anything on my life! And this is the reason why I'm so excited now! Because I won tickets for Vasko Vassilev's concert from Lidl. What I did was to accept and send ...

Post GAT

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I guess this is why I cant't write anything post wine deputations - because I take thing too personally and I'm pretty emotional - how uncomfortable, right? This is a pic taken of my notes during this year's <a href="http://enbkp.anadinkova.com/grand-austrian-tasting-2014/">Grand Austrian Tasting </a>