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This weekend is your last chance to see & buy this crafty & architectural collection @ Ivan Assen 22. The collection Roses Of The Queen's Dog by young designer Tsvetelina Ognyanova Atanasova is available to shop this weekend between 16:00 & 20:00. the young designer part of the collection: Ето ви и избрани кадри от представянето на колекцията, както ...

Your personal inspirational quotes

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We all do this: we like, share and comment under all sorts of inspirational quotes turned into catchy jpg images, and some of us even have Pinterest boards dedicated to them! How cool it is to impress all your piers and friends, hum? And instead of following all sorts of online gurus and lifestyle coaches - ...

Intimates & swimsuits

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I have a thing for lingerie, I guess as any regular girl/woman. And to stay updated I tend to mostly browse online, cos going round stores is tiresome. On of my online shops of choice is - they also have a store just in the center of Sofia, where great brands such as L’Agent by ...

How do girls flirt?

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  Just came across this image (while actually browsing Pinterest and looking for something completely different) and I'm stunned! Who the hell comes up with these cliches and present them as catchy and inspo quotes? I guess it's just about time to end this sort of bullshit - because girls (as boys too, by the way) ...

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