A whiskey cocktail

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What do you do when you discover your stock of wine is down to zero, you’ve been working like crazy the whole weekend and you need a light drink to go with the movie you’re about to watch to relax? You improvise – this is what you do!


I had a bottle of J&Bee – basically J&B scotch whiskey + urban honey (just how cool and hipstery it sounds!), but I don’t drink anything but wine at home, so I was wondering what to do with this particular bottle.

So I just opened the fridge and this is the result:


About 250 ml of fresh orange juice

the juice of about a 1/2 lime

may be about 60 ml whiskey – or a splash, just to make the juice smell and taste like something upgraded

ice – lots of it, I added 8 cubes

1 lime wedge for garnish

It’s sort of a screw driver, but instead of vodka – I used whiskey.

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