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As cliche' as it might sound: life is what we make out of our everyday life. I don't believe much in destiny and luck, but I believe in blood, sweat, tears and tons of hard work. So - have you decided who you want to be today?

And the Malbec expert will be…

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1. Мартин 2. Ангелина Присадашка 3. Zdravko Zdravkov 4. Ренета Костадинова 5. detelina 6. Елица Вачева 7. Rody Radichkov 8. kpacuma 9. Yana Number 8 is the lucky one going to the Become a Malbec Expert during the portfolio testing organized by Winebox More on the program here

Items – notebooks

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In the recent years it takes me a huge effort lay inhuman to minimize things. I part with some things with ease, with others it’s so hard, like it’s heartbreaking. I’m constantly repeating to myself: less objects more free time. Sometimes it works - sometimes is does not. For example, it turns out that I ...

New York

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I have this thing when I travel - I make tons of pictures. Like hundreds, sometime even thousands. And most of these pictures mean something only to me - they remind my of how I felt the moment I made them. Like this one - made in a cold November day in New York, 2013.

white, gray, black and a little blue denim

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At regular intervals during the last years I get obsessed to minimize my wardrobe and leaving in only the whites, grays, blacks and blue denim and leave the colors and patterns for the accessories, some dresses and shirts. And two bright red coats. On this occasion, and to finally start living by the principles one in ...